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> WKU World Championships
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WKU World Championships 2015

28 октября 2015 г. - 2 ноября 2015 г.
Albir - Spania

The WKU World Championships are an annual martial arts competition where competitors from all over the world assemble to test their skills against the best of the best in their particular discipline. Martial Arts disciplines include, Point Fighting,Light contact,Traditional Karate, forms, K1, MMA, Kickboxing,Full contact etc and are divided by age and/or weight class as appropriate. To be eligible to attend the WKU world championships competitors must be selected to represent their country by their respective National Team President by competing at either National Championships, training camps or a series of regional tournaments. This ensures the WKU World Championships are truly for the best from each country.

WKU World championships are staged in a safe, family friendly environment, professionally officiated and organized, where competitors compete at a World Class level and lifelong friendships are made.

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